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StoreThem is a utility, similar to ‘Train-Store’ for the Microsoft Train Simulator.

The intention of this utility is to only include those Assets and Route files in TS-2015 which the current
Route actually requires, thus vastly reducing the amount of work TS-2015 has to do when it first runs. If
you have downloaded a lot of 3
rd party content and payware routes, there may total around half a million files
in your Assets folder alone !! TS-2015 looks at virtually all of them when it starts, whether they are needed
for the route you wish to use or not. Thus taking a lot of time and delaying start up.

StoreThem works by simply re-naming files and folders, So no file or folder copying is done and in
theory nothing can be lost. However, users should always have back-ups of their Asset and
Content folders and no responsibility is taken for any problems caused to your TS-2015 setup
by use of this program. If you do not agree with this, then please do not even consider
downloading it.

This is an early version of the program and although I have tested it thoroughly, there may still be bugs
which a wider audience will find, I will post updates on my site as and when they become necessary.
This program may be placed anywhere on your computer, e.g. E:\Rail Utilities\StoreThem

Please note that it will only work if you have already installed my RW_Tools program on your PC as it uses files in the RW_Tools distribution.

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