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This is a suite of utilities for users interested in Short-Wave and VHF listening to mainly digital Aviation and Shipping networks. The utilities take the output from decoders such as PC-HFDL, ACARSDeco2 and MultiPSK and display expanded details on a spreadsheet type of grid.

1. PC-HFDL-Display - Which extracts the output from PC-HFDL log files and displays it on a grid.
2. ACARS-Display - Which extracts TCPIP data from MultiPSK Pro in VHF Acars mode.
3. HFDL-Display - Which extracts TCPIP data from MultiPSK Pro in HF Acars mode.
4. GMDSS-Display - Which extracts TCPIP shipping data from MultiPSK Pro in GMDSS mode.
5. SBS3-ACARS-Display - Extracts TCPIP data from the Kinetics SBS-3 receiver.
6. VDL2-Display - Extracts TCPIP data from MultiPSK in VDL2 mode
7. ADSB-Display - Extracts data from ADSBScope to show details of all Mode-S aircraft heard

. Tools - Includes a utility to extract aircraft routing data from the PP flight routes forum .sqb files into ‘Flights.txt’ for use with the above aviation programs. Plus a utilities to extract Aircraft data from Basestation.sqb for use in this program and for use with AcarsDeco2.

Read Nils Schiffhauer's article on HFDL monitoring using this program

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